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Northern lights

Maximize your chance to see the northern lights.

We would like to explain to you why we are using this slogan if you are coming to visit the Polarlightcenter:

The Polarlightcenter, close to the sea, is in Laukvik on the north side of Austvågøya, the most northern island of the Lofoten.The northern lights start at the beginning of the evening, when the activity is not so strong, at the northern horizon as a greenish bow above the sea.

Only when the northern light activity becomes stronger, one can view the displays above or even more to the south. So here you have the biggest chance to see the northern lights even with a low activity.

In the Polarlightcenter we have special instruments to measure the northern light activity.

Those instruments measure directly the magnetic and earth current variations at the moment of auroral displays. 

So we have up-to-date information about the activity, unlike the information from the internet which is always somewhat delayed. 

After you have visited us for a lecture we send you an SMS alert = now-cast, to warn you when there is northern light activity. These alerts are given during the time you are travelling here in Lofoten/ Vesterålen and until midnight.
Of course we don’t know about the weather conditions where you are at that moment.
Anyhow, you need a clear sky.

We can offer you accommodation, so you will be able to go outside in the middle of the night if you want to see the northern lights.
On the north side we built a separate apartment from where you have an excellent view of the sea and the polar lights.
So even from your warm bed you will be offered a good viewing......

Price lecture:  

NOK 400- p.p. starting at 20.00hrs duration about 3 hrs incl. (hopefully) viewing the northern lights and incl.sms-alerts until midnight.

On request also daytime lectures are sometimes possible.


Always booking in advance.