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How to travel to the Polarlightcenter in Lofoten:
There are of course different ways to come to Laukvik on the island Austvågøya:

By plane

A flight to Oslo and from there to Bodø. From Bodø you can fly with a small airplane to Svolvær, the capital of the Lofoten and on our island Austvågoya.

That takes about 20 minutes.

There are also direct flights from Oslo to Narvik/ Harstad to the so called airport Evenes, and from there it is a two and a half hour drive to Laukvik.


By train

You also can come by train from Oslo to Bodø:

Watch the mini price from NOK 299,- one way!

From Bodø to Svolvær you can make a choice of coming by plane or by boat.

By boat

You also can come from Bodø to Svolvær by boat.

With the Hurtigruten, it takes about 6 hours. or

with the Express boat and that takes about 3.5 hours. express boat

The distance from Svolvær to Laukvik is 35 km.

You can reach it: by taxi or

by school bus: at 15.40 pm ( not during the school holidays).


Rent a car: direct  from the airport, e.g. Hertz/ Avis.

If you come all the way by car you will have to plan your own route.

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We are not a travel agency, so our guests are responsible for their own journey!


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